Technical Manager (Metal Furniture Production)

Bình Dương, Đồng Nai, Hồ Chí Minh
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Mô Tả Công Việc


 Accountable for all activities in product development of metal product group from the construction drawing until the detail technical drawing of product and also the hardware development.
 Taking the lead in consolidating all technical documents and communicating to IKEA.


 Metal product development job:
o In charge to develop metal prototype: follow detail as SCI-PR-PM-01 – Product development procedure.
o To implement the technical review, FR review, Risk assessment, DPTP & PTP review, assembly review, ECO and A-Loading review to ensure the quality of new product.
o To think about the TTP/DPTP/PTP of product during drawing making such as material cost, route cost and come up with the suggestion to PM/Sales/CDD to reach the TTP and competitive price.
o To answer all questions and needs from PM such as DPTP/PTP, technical solution.
o To order new prototype for retest if failed test and communicate to PM/Sales/CDD for technical information sharing and action.
o To review and approve the CT, TD drawing, ECR and ECO before issuing to related dept/group.
o To study carefully and approve the specification of new material which is related to metal product.
o To study and support Production Units on technical issue and/or improvement of product.
o To understand clearly the test standard, customer protocol and quality handbooks which support to have good construction drawing.
o To report to HOD the critical issue/problem for support/discussion/sharing idea/decision.
o To communite effectiveness and ASAP to TD’s customer (PM, IOC, Sale, Prod Unit) and TD’s groups (PPM, PTP, TDWS, PA team, cushion) for quick problem solving solution & suitable action to keep PFD/ETA’s commitment or udpate.

 Hardware development job:
o In charge to develop the hardware including aluminum injection HW, plastic injection HW, and new extrudion aluminum/DRW/PST profile.
o To check the sample and approve for making purchase specification of mold and hardware drawing.
o Review and modify the old hardware to create the benefit such as cheaper hardware, easy for production, more precise, nicer.
o To order the sample mold and mould for mass production.
o To share all the mold price, hardware price and leadtime to PU dept and support them to understand the specification for mass production order later on.
o To look for and develop new hardware supplier. It’s to create more benefit and competiveness for Scancom.
o Together with related department to review and solve the problem of hardware in mass production.

 Management job:
o Manage and be responsibility for metal product development and new hardware development.
o Support TD staffs to improve their jobs such as problem solving, decision making.
o Lead the team to understand and follow the related SOP:
 SCI-WI-TD-01 WI for Making Construction & Technical Drawing.
 SCVN-WI-TD-011 Prototype Communication.
 SCI-PR-TD-03 ECO procedure.
 SCI-PR-TD-01 Hardware development.
 SCI-WI-TD-03 WI for Making Assembly Instruction
o Focus on staff training and make them more “grow-up”: guideline, production process, technical, communication skill.
o Report to HOD:
 CT/TD drawing delay: daily, (task follow-up).
 HW Injection mold list: monthly, (mold management overview).
o Soft copy management: to lead the team to store and manage the soft copy in the right routine and version. It ensures the good data base storage, easy keep-track and convenient using within department

1. Internal:
 Working closely to PM, SALES VN/Sales, Creative Design, Metal-Production Preparation , Wood- Production Preparation, QA, and Production Units in SCVN.
 Communicate Group Technical Director directly on the daily job, the assigned projects and basic report.

2. External:
 Communicate with Contract Manufacturing about the technical drawing.
 Material suppliers if need.
 Contact to hardware supplier for mold design, hardware order, hardware sample and quotation. Including the audit of mold maintenance and management.

3. Reporting:
3.1 Superior: Group Technical Director
3.2. Subordinate: Metal TD staffs D. EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATION

• Engineering Degree and major in Mechanical Engineering or Technical field
• At least 10 years working experience Technical Manager or R&D Manager or Product Development Manager at big Furniture companies
• Good communication in English
• Familiar with MS Office and technical softwares as Acad, Mechanical Desktop, Solidwork, Inventor ect
• Strong experience with project management in a multi-project environment.
• Good coaching and leadership skill
• Good time management and proactive, dynamic

* Working place: Head office, Road 8, Song Than1 Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
* Working time: Full time Cấp quản lý điều hành Sản Xuất Cơ khí Engineering Drawings Furniture Technical Support Furniture Develop New Product Development Scancom Vietnam Bình Dương Đồng Nai Hồ Chí Minh


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